Frequently Asked Questions

How do I personalise a book?

Our books are all different so you won’t always need every step – but here goes . . .

1. Type your child’s name as you would like it to appear in the story.

2. Type a gifter’s name to be printed on the dedication page (if you would like to write your name by hand please leave this blank).

3. Design your illustrations by choosing the skin tone, hair colour, hairstyle, outfit, and so on.

4. Choose the gender as ‘he’ or ‘she’.

5. Choose a softback or hardback cover.

6. Confirm that you are happy with your choices and add your book to your basket.

7. Look forward to your personalised book arriving in our extra special mailer!

If I personalise a book, am I committed to buying it?

No. You can enjoy personalising and reading as many books as you like without buying them!

Can I save my book when I've personalised it?

It depends.

Yes – if you add your book to the basket. Your choices will be saved so that you can buy your book later on.

No – if you don’t add your book to the basket. Your choices will be lost because we do not collect your information unless you want to buy the book.

Do you collect my data if I personalise a book and don't buy it?

No. We only collect the data in your book if you add it to your basket. It is only used to make your book.

Can I see the books I have ordered?

You can see which books you have ordered in your account.

But you cannot read the books online after you order them – because as soon as you check out we send all your personalised data to our printer and no longer store it on our website.

Can I change my order?

We’re sorry, but we can’t offer that service at the moment.

When you confirm that you are happy with your order and go through the checkout process your order details are sent directly to our printer and can’t be changed after that.

What are your delivery times?

Usually 7-10 days in the UK.

Personalised books are all unique, so it takes a few days to print your order and send it hot off the press to your delivery address.

All our books include FREE SHIPPING in the UK with Royal Mail 48hr as standard.

If you haven’t received your order after 10 days, please contact us at hello@wowthatsme.com and we will find out what’s happened and sort it out for you.

Can I track my order?

All our books have FREE standard 48 hr shipping in the UK. Unfortunately this does not include tracking yet – but we’re working on it!

Do you ship internationally?

No. At the moment we only ship to the UK.

We will be adding international shipping in the coming months.

We will also be printing our books in the USA from 2023, so then shipping will be cheaper for our customers in the USA.

Can you gift wrap my order?

We can’t offer that service yet – but we’re working on it and will be able to offer gift wrap very soon.

In the meantime, our extra special book mailer will make every order feel like a special gift.

Can I return a book?

If there is a fault in the printing of the book, or your order arrives damaged, we will gladly exchange it or refund it.

We cannot accept returns if you made a mistake when personalising the book or because you change your mind. This is because every book is individually printed just for you. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more info.

My order hasn't arrived. Can you help?

We’re very sorry to hear that.

Delivery normally takes 7-10 days, so if your order has still not arrived please contact us at hello@wowthatsme.com and we will find out what the problem is and sort it all out for you as quickly as possible.


My order has arrived damaged. Can you help?

We’re very sorry to hear that.

On very rare occasions, accidents do happen in transit. If your order arrives damaged, please contact us at hello@wowthatsme.com and we will make it right.


Do you give free books or gift vouchers to charity?

If you are charity who would like to receive personalised books or gift vouchers, please contact us at hello@wowthatsme.com. We can work directly with charities to create individual books for children or to provide gift vouchers for events.